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Dear Friends,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to provide you with some options for your upcoming Kiddush event. We offer three different tiers and a dairy option to meet your needs and budget.

Our Tier 1 package ($400): Tuna, eggs salad, fresh salad, Challah rolls or bread,  cakes or cookies, sodas, paper goods, and clean up. 

Our Tier 2 package ($550): Meat chullent, deli rolls, egg salad, fresh salad, Challah rolls or bread, cakes or cookies, soda, paper goods, and clean up. 

Our Tier 3 package ($700): Meat chullent, deli platter, eggs salad, fresh salad, Challah rolls or bread, cakes or cookies, soda, paper goods, and clean up. 

Dairy Package ($550): Dairy kiddush, bagels, lox cream cheese, veggie platter, cheese platter, white fish, cheese borekas, greek salad or cesar salad, tuna salad, cakes and cookies, soda, paper goods, and clean up. 

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you would like to book one of these packages for your event. We are here to make your Kiddush celebration as special and memorable as possible.

*Note*: Deadline to sponsor Kiddush will be the Thursday before by 12:00 P.M.

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We look forward to celebrating with you soon!

Reserve your date! It's not too late!
Call: 954-709-8773 or e-mail: [email protected]

Thank you to all of our Kiddush sponsors!

Warm regards,
Rabbi Adi

Available Kiddush Sponsor Dates!

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Day Date Hebrew Date Torah Portion Sponsor Family In Honor of:
Shabbat 1/13/2024 3 Shevat Va'eira Carrie & Bonnie Segal Their Mother Sandra Segal's Yahrzeit.
Shabbat 1/20/2024 10 Shevat Yud Shevat   Available
Shabbat 1/27/2024 17 Shevat Beshalach   Available
Shabbat 2/3/2024 24 Shevat Yitro   Available
Shabbat 2/10/2024 1 Adar Mishpatim   Available
Shabbat 2/17/2024 8 Adar Terumah   Available
Shabbat 2/24/2024 15 Adar Tetzaveh   Available
Shabbat 3/2/2024 22 Adar  Ki Tisa   Available
Shabbat 3/9/2024 29 Adar  Vayak'hel   Available
Shabbat 3/16/2024 6 Adar Pekudei   Available
Shabbat 3/23/2024 13 Adar Vayikra   Available
Shabbat 3/30/2024 20 Adar Tzav   Available
Shabbat 04/06/2024 27 Adar Shemini   Available
Shabbat 04/13/2024 5 Nissan Tazria   Available
Shabbat 04/20/2024 12 Nissan Metzora   Available
Shabbat 04/27/2024 19 Nissan Omer Day 4   Available
Shabbat 05/04/2024 26 Nissan Acharei   Available
Shabbat 05/11/2024 3 Iyar Kidoshem   Available
Shabbat 05/18/2024 10 Iyar Imor   Available
Shabbat 05/25/2024 17 Iyar Behar   Available