Welcome to CKids Club! We are thrilled to have you join our vibrant and exciting community. CKids Club is all about creating a warm and welcoming space where children can come together to learn, grow, and have a blast!

Our club is filled with engaging activities, interactive lessons, and meaningful experiences that will inspire and empower your child. From holiday celebrations and creative arts projects to fun-filled outings and educational programs, there is always something happening at CKids Club.

But CKids Club is more than just a place for fun and games. It is a place where your child can develop a strong Jewish identity, connect with their heritage, and build lifelong friendships. Our dedicated team of educators and mentors are passionate about providing a nurturing environment where every child feels valued and supported.

So, whether your child is a CKids Club veteran or new to the community, we invite you to join us on this incredible journey. Together, we will create memories, learn valuable life lessons, and strengthen our connection to Judaism. Welcome to CKids Club – where every child is celebrated and cherished!