Chabad at Monterra is very proud to announce that a year ago we put up a Kosher Eruv under Rabbinical supervision and we wanted to share the boundaries with all of you.
Here are the boundaries below:

North Wall:
Orange Drive from the Turnpike to Pine Island Road. Then, Griffin Road from Pine Island Road to Palm Avenue.

West Wall:
Palm Avenue from Griffin Road to Sheridan Street. Then, Sheridan Street from Palm Avenue to Pine Island Road. Then, south on Pine Island Road to Taft Street.

East Wall:
The Turnpike.

South Wall:
East on Taft Street until 72nd Street. Then East on Harding Street until the Turnpike.

Maintenance Cost of the Eruv:

Expenses: $12,000

Yearly Maintenance: $10,000

If you would like to make a donation to help with the cost, please Click Here!

The Eruv is Kosher this week but please check back weekly to see if it's Kosher!