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    Prizes include:

    $10,000 cash - Ticket to Israel - Ipad air - Amazon Gift Cards
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  • CteenUA unique opportunity is coming to Jewish high school students in (insert name of town) this fall: the chance to earn two private college credits while exploring the tenets of Judaism.

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  • Tzedakah Box Campaign Need a Tzeddakah Box? Sample More Text
  • Va'etchanan Parshah QuizTake this quiz to see how well you know the parshah of Va'etchanan Read More
  • Five Comforting Quotes From Nachamu, Isaiah’s Prophecy of Comfort Read More
  • 7 Joyous Events That Happened on the 15th of Av Read More
  • A Psychotherapist’s Shema in AuschwitzVaetchanan Read More
  • Of Virtuous Villains and Sinful SaintsChapter 7 of Positivity Bias Read More
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