Below is a list of honors that we offer in our Yom Kippur services.
If you would like to participate in a Yom Kippur Honor or to make a Yizkor pledge, please fill out the Honoraria form . 


Honorarium and Distinction for Yom Kippur 5784/2023

Traditionally, Yom Kippur is a very auspicious time, and many have requested to buy an honor, below is a list of honors that are available with advance pledges and bidding.  Some honors are available to the highest bidder and other honors are available for multiple communal participation. Each honor will be coupled with a special prayer, listing all names of your family in front of the Ark. Honors can also be purchased in honor of someone else. Honors can be purchased by male or female, the male will be called upon. 

Throughout the Yom Kippur services, we will be honoring congregants with opening the ark. This is great opportunity for the one opening the ark to pray up close as  if the gates of heaven are open to accept our prayers. If you are honored with opening of the ark feel free to go over to Steve at the front table and pledge any amount according to your capability. 

Evening Services - Kol Nidrei 5 honors available 

Opening of the Ark Highest Bidding 

It is very meritorious for one to open the ark and take out the Torah Scrolls that are carried around the congregation. While taking them out one should kiss them while confessing their sins. Prayers that indicate a direct request for mercy from Hashem are said with the ark open. This also arouses the congregation to Teshuvah. Thus opening the Ark for the first time on Yom Kippur funnels G‑d’s blessings upon this person and symbolically opens the Gates of the Heavens allowing our prayers to be heard.

Bidding Donation Starting at ………. $1080 (60 x chai)


Holding Torah Scrolls During Kol Nidrei  - 3 available:

The Arizal teaches how according to Kabbalah it is very meritorious to parade the Scrolls around the shul for everyone to kiss them. This display of love for the Torah influences people to repent and is considered a virtue for them. Especially the first one is referred to as the Kol Nidrei Torah. By receiving this honor, you are part of the Bais Din, the Jewish court, together with the Chazzan and other Torah holder, dispensing forgiveness to the Jewish People. The Midrash states that just as Moses was flanked by Aaron and Chur when he prayed for Israel during the Amalekite attack, so too three people should represent the congregation on a public fast day.


Starting Bid ………. $540 (30 x chai) Per Torah


Opening the Ark for a Psalm by David

The Talmud (Shabbat 119a) tells of a wealthy man who would recite this psalm before beginning his meal to express his gratitude to G‑d and to acknowledge His benevolence. We, too, recite it now on the holiest day of the year in acknowledgment of G‑d's annual blessings. Some have a custom to add a silent Kabalistic prayer (Chida).

This honor procures the blessings of prosperity and wealth.

Starting Bid ………. (30 x Chai) $540


Honors from the Morning Services

   Torah Reading:

On most festivals, the Torah Reading is a selection of either the historical narrative of the day or the commandment to observe that Festival. The reading of Yom Kippur quite appropriately describes the service of the High Priest in the Temple on Yom Kippur. Each Aliyah, which means ascension, has a personal connection and benefit to the person who purchases the honor. By expending one's own funds to acquire this Mitzvah, he and his resources are ascending through the blessings of the Aliyah.

Opening of the Ark and Removal of Both Torahs 

Kabbalah reveals that the opening of the ark and removal of the Sifrei Torah opens the treasure of blessing from Above to the one who opens the ark. This applies especially to one whose wife is pregnant, as this is a “remedy” for an easy pregnancy and delivery.

Starting Bid……….(10 x Chai) $180


Kohen 1st Aliya - Kohen Only

This Aliya deals with the souls of Aaron's two sons, Nadav and Avihu, leaving their bodies. Mystically this is not understood as a punishment, but an overdose of spirituality, causing their soul to leave their physical body. This also brought atonement to them. This account is relevant to Yom Kippur, because we too seek atonement through heighten spirituality. This honor, it is taught, takes the place of the Yom Kippur Sacrifice.

Starting Bid ……….(10 x Chai) $180


Levi 2nd Aliya - Levite Only

The High Priest also prays "...for his household." Aaron's confession refers to his immediate family and extended family, i.e. the tribe of Levi from which the Kohanim descend. Thus the Levi aliya gains a part of that atonement.

Starting Bid ……….(10 x Chai) $180


Shlishi 3rd Aliya - Israelite Only

" ...Who dwells with them amid their contamination." Our service causes G‑d to dwell among us. This is the ultimate mission of a Jew. This honor brings you in proximity with G‑d's Divine Presence.

Starting Bid ……….(10 x Chai) $180


Revi'i 4th Aliya - Israelite Only  

"Aaron is to … confess upon it all the iniquities of the Children of Israel." Unlike the offerings mentioned previously, which atoned only for sins involving contamination, this atoned for all sins (Talmud, Shavous 2b). This honor adds energy to our teshuva to wipe away all our sins.

   Starting Bid ……….(10 x Chai) $180


Chamishi 5th Aliya - Israelite Only

"For through this day he will atone for you." The High Priest effects atonement by means of the Yom Kippur service. "The essence of the day itself atones" (Talmud, Yoma). This honor keys you into the essence of the day, atonement (i.e.:at-one-moment).

   Starting Bid ……….(10 x Chai)  $180


Shishi 6th Aliya - Israelite Only

"This shall be to you an eternal decree to bring atonement upon the Children of Israel...once a year." This Aliya emphasizes the “oneness” nature of Yom Kippur in terms of person (High Priest), place (Holy of Holies) and time (Yom Kippur). This aliya also corresponds to the sphere of yesod, which means connection. Thus this aliya connects you with the “oneness” of the day.

   Starting Bid ……….( 10 x Chai)  $180


Maftir  & Haftorah Aliya -  

(Can be a Cohen, Levi or Israel - Haftorah can be read by the reader):

This selection from Isaiah was chosen because of its focus on the proper manner of repentance. The Prophet harshly criticizes those who think that they can effect repentance and appease G‑d by fasting and physical affliction that is devoid of inner conviction. Instead, he urges, true repentance involving extreme kindness and charity, and changing one's ways. Through your giving you are epitomizing what the Prophet wanted, thereby, finding favor in G‑d's eyes. (Someone who doesn’t know how to chant it, can honor someone else.)

   Starting Bid ……….( 30 x Chai) $540


Raising and wrapping of Both Torah Scrolls 

When raising the Torah one reaps the benefits and energies of all the previous Aliyot and receives their reward all “rolled in one”. (Shulchan Aruch)

   Starting Bid ……….(10 x Chai)  $180


   Mincha & Neila Honors


Opening of the Ark and Removal of the Torah

Opening the Ark funnels the blessings of G‑d upon this person.

   Starting Bid ……….(10 x Chai) $180


Aliya 1 - Kohen

" …My laws…by which he will live." One who buys this honor will merit chayut, zest and alacrity, in performance of Mitzvot and so they will not be habitual and lackluster.

   Starting Bid ……….(10 X Chai)  $180


Aliya 2 - Levi

One who hears (and especially, one who buys) this Aliyah will be aroused to teshuvah in matters of lust and immorality.

   Starting Bid ……….(10 X Chai) $180


Maftir Yonah

Communal Aliyah multiple families can participate with a pledge. All family names will be listed in the Mi Sheberach Prayer.

This is the most important Aliyah of the whole day. The story of Jonah teaches that sincere repentance can reverse even the harshest heavenly decrees. It is also a Segulah for wealth. In many communities, people contribute the most for this Maftir, since according to your investment, so does G‑d reward.

   Participation donation ……….(30 X Chai) $540


Opening the Ark- NEILAH

Communal Aliyah multiple families can participate with a pledge. All family names will be listed in the Mi Sheberach Prayer and all that participate will be able to stand on stage in front of the Torah.

This is the fifth service of the day corresponding to the fifth and deepest dimension of the soul. This is truly the Chatimah, the seal. This is the final chance, before the gates close to get your prayers in one final time. This is also the time that we are locked into G‑d’s inner chamber with only Him. You are the gatekeeper. Our Sages tell us this is a Segulah for Arichut Yamim, LONG LIFE!

   Participation donation ……….(30 X Chai) $540

Thank you for your support. ​