Schedule at the JCC
Main service - room 146 / kidZone - rooms 113,114,135

Erev Yom Kippur (Night) - Tuesday, October 8
6:42 pm...... Fast Begins
7:00 pm ...... Kol Nidrei

Yom Kippur Day - Wednesday, October 9

9:30 am........ Morning Services
10:00 am .... KidZone begins
10:30 am..... Yizkor
1:30 pm........Break

5:30 pm ..... Mincha & Maftir Yona
6:30 pm ....  Neila
7:34 pm ..... Shofar and Fast Ends
7:35 pm ..... Community break-fast at Chabad at Monterra

Yom Kippur Honors & Opportunities

As we unite together as a community on the holiest day of the year, we try to make it possible for everyone the opportunity to receive an honor during the services. Whether it may be to open the ark, receive an aliyah, or otherwise participate in services.

During the High Holidays, many of these honors are associated with specific segulot (blessings). It is a long-standing Jewish custom—also mentioned in works of halacha—to "buy" these honors for ourselves or others by giving charity to the shul, in which merit we ask for the blessings.

At the Chabad at Monterra services, we invite all community members to participate in the great honors of Yom Kippur: 
Maftir Yonah (Blessing for Wealth) by the afternoon service and
Neila (blessing for health) Closing service

You and your family can participate in these honors with a pledge of $180 each. 
Your names will be mentioned at the time of the honors.
Click the donation link below and in the dedication box,
you can add your name and the names of your family to be read at the honor. 

Maftir Yona
This is the most important Aliyah of the day, as well as the last. Tradition tells us that buying this honor is a special segulah for wealth. In communities, all over the world, this merit is bought for thousands of dollars. Remember, you reap what you sow. There can be no better investment than this.

"The Closing Prayer" This is the final Ark opening of Yom Kippur. Suffice it to say, this is truly the end service and petition to G‑d. This is your final chance, before the "Gates of Heaven" close ("Neilah"). With this honor you are the "gatekeeper" for our final supplications. Tradition tells us that the one who merits opening the Ark for Neilah will be blessed with long life!


In the Yizkor prayer, we pledge to give charity in the memory of our loved ones. When we give charity on their behalf, their souls ascend yet higher with that merit. And they then provide to your guidance and blessing, much more than they were able to from within this world -