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AuritKatanPhotography-GH-538.jpgChabad at Monterra Directors - 
Rabbi Adi, Malky and the Goodman Family 

Rabbi Adi, the youngest of nine children was born and raised in Baltimore, MD.  In 2001, Rabbi Adi joined Chabad of SW Broward as an intern and has been serving the local Jewish community ever since. He received his Rabbinical ordination from the West Coast Rabbinical Seminary in Los Angeles California. In addition to Co-directing Chabad at Monterra, Rabbi Adi holds the position of Director of Jewish Life at the  Posnack Fischer High School.

Rebbitzen Malky was raised in Los Angeles, CA. from a family of 8 children She graduated the Chabad Seminary in Toronto ON and moved to Florida after her wedding in 2005, where she has been co-directing Chabad ever since. With her amazing women's' programs, open house and her amazing recipes, Malky has brought the Jewish family values and sense of community to the many local households. In addition, Malky works as a Wig Stylist (Shaitel Macher) in Miami Beach.

Together Rabbi Adi and Malky share six children. They work tirelessly to ensure that the Jewish Community is growing and thriving. Together the Goodman's have gained a reputation of an open house and a  friendly family that always available to all.