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Our Directors: 
Rabbi Adi and Malky Goodman

Meet Rabbi Adi and Malky Goodman, the dynamic duo behind the Cooper City  Ckids Hebrew School. Since their marriage in 2005. they have been dedicated themselves to the Jewish community and education. Together with their six children they are the directors of Chabad At Monterra in Cooper City, FL.  and have had the great merit of educating 100's of students over the years, instilling a healthy foundation of education to our youth.

Born in Baltimore Maryland, Rabbi Adi's passion for teaching began early in his rabbinical studies, and he has been directing the Hebrew School since  his rabbinical internship in 2001. His educational career has spread throughout south Florida and is now devoted to the educational needs of Cooper City and surrounding areas  His expertise and experience shine through in his creative teaching techniques, ensuring that each student receives a fun, comprehensive and, engaging education.

Malky, alongside Rabbi Adi, brings her own unique talents and skills to the Hebrew School. Her warm and nurturing nature creates a loving and supportive environment where every student feels valued and encouraged to grow.

Together, Rabbi Adi and Malky go above and beyond to offer their students an educational experience that lasts a lifetime. Their unwavering dedication, coupled with their love for their students, fosters a deep connection to Jewish heritage and values.

Rabbi Adi and Malky Goodman are the driving force behind a Hebrew School that not only educates but also inspires. Their commitment to providing a nurturing and meaningful educational experience is truly commendable, making them invaluable assets to our community.

Our Youth Directors: 
Rabbi Aharon and Elky Spielman

Meet Rabbi Aharon and Elky Spielman, the dynamic duo behind Chabad at Monterra's Youth Services. With their unwavering dedication and contagious enthusiasm, they have become the heart and soul of the community.

Rabbi Aharon Spielman, a compassionate spiritual leader, has been serving the Monterra community for over a year. His warm and approachable nature makes him a beloved figure among congregants, who seek his guidance and wisdom. Rabbi Aharon's deep knowledge of Jewish tradition and his ability to connect with people of all ages and backgrounds have made him an invaluable asset to Chabad at Monterra.

Elky Spielman, Rabbi Aharon's devoted wife, is the driving force behind the scenes. As the Program Director, she tirelessly works to create engaging and meaningful experiences for the community. Elky's creativity and organizational skills have led to the development of innovative programs such as the Bat Mitzvah Club, inspiring educational initiatives, and vibrant holiday celebrations that bring the community together.

Together, Rabbi Aharon and Elky form an extraordinary team, dedicated to fostering a warm and inclusive environment at Chabad at Monterra. Their passion for Jewish outreach and their commitment to nurturing Jewish identity in individuals of all ages have touched the lives of countless people in the community.

Whether it's leading inspiring Shabbat services, teaching Torah classes, organizing community events, or providing personal support, Rabbi Aharon and Elky Spielman go above and beyond to ensure that Chabad at Monterra is a place where everyone feels welcome and embraced.

Join Rabbi Aharon and Elky Spielman on their mission to spread love, joy, and Jewish values throughout the Monterra community. Together, let's build a vibrant Jewish future rooted in tradition and filled with warmth and unity.

Our Office Manager: 
Nicole S. Logan

We are thrilled to introduce you to our incredible Office Manager, Nicole Logan! With her warm smile, exceptional organizational skills, and unwavering dedication, Nicole is an invaluable asset to our team here at Chabad. Whether she's managing our office operations, coordinating events, or assisting with community outreach, Nicole's attention to detail and efficiency never cease to amaze us. Her positive attitude and willingness to go above and beyond make her a joy to work with, and we are truly grateful for all that she does to ensure the smooth running of our organization. Next time you visit us, be sure to say hello to Nicole - she's always ready to lend a helping hand and brighten your day!