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Mazal Tov and thank you for allowing Chabad at Monterra to be apart of you celebration. When your child reaches the age of Bar/Bat Mitzvah, we share the privilege and responsibility of welcoming them into the adult Jewish community. Together, we hope to instill the joy, meaning and significance of the occasion and hope to make this milestone a positive and unforgettable experience.

Below you will find useful information and policies to help guide you through the process.  
After the Bar/Bat Mitzvah form is submitted Chabad will confirm the date and details. 

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Registration Form 

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 If you have any questions feel free to contact Rabbi Adi:
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 Bar/Bat Mitzvah Guidelines and Policies
Luchos (2)

Defining Your Heritage
Chabad recognizes any child born to a Jewish mother as Jewish. If a child’s mother or maternal grandmother was converted to Judaism through a recognized orthodox bet din that  meet the standards of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.


Synagogue Services

Determining the date and Torah Portion
Traditionally, the Bar/Bat  Mitzvah services occur on the Monday, Thursday, Shabbat,  or Rosh Chodesh following  Hebrew birthday. You may choose a more convenient weekend as long as it is after the Hebrew birth date.
Click Here To find out your child's exact Hebrew birthday. Torah portions in Israel differ than the portion in the united states.  

Become a member

To ensure positive meaning and lasting significance in the Bar Mitzvah celebration, Chabad of at Monterra requires membership for the family of a Bar Mitzvah for a minimum of the year of the Bar Mitzvah. In addition, families are to attend Shabbat services at least twice per month in the four months prior to the Bar Mitzvah.
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Chabad Hebrew School LogoHebrew School/Jewish Education
A Bar Mitzvah marks a Jewish male’s commitment to his community. To achieve a solid appreciation for this sense of duty, if your child is not enrolled in a Jewish Day School, we require our Bar/Bat Mitzvah students to attend Hebrew School from the fifth grade through Bar Mitzvah. During this time your son will enhance his Hebrew reading skills and gain a basic knowledge about Judaism and general Judaic ideas related to Bar Mitzvah.

9 (2).pngWeekly Private Lessons
During the year before his Bar Mitzvah, your child will meet weekly with our Bar Mitzvah specialist, Rabbi Adi, to prepare his/her personal Portion performance. Each lesson lasts 30 minutes. Lessons are given in person at Chabad at Monterra. Virtual lessons are available as well. 

Bar Mitzvah

 Receiving Tefillin

To prepare for his new role as an active member of the adult Jewish community, the Bar Mitzvah boy should receive a pair of Kosher Tefillen at least two weeks prior to his 13th Hebrew Birthday. Tefillen and personalized Tefillen bags can be ordered through the Chabad office. Used Tefillen that will be being passed down to the bar mitzvah boy must be checked and certified by a Sofer (scribe). 



All Bar Mitzvah ceremonies are officiated at our location. We provide tables, Chairs, Synagogue items etc. Families are free to decorate the synagogue as they wish. Should you prefer another venue for the services it is the family's responsibility to provide all the appropriate equipment and cover all additional costs for the Rabbi and Rebbitzen. Shabbat and out of state ceremonies are not guaranteed to be attended and officiated by Rabbi Adi. 


Chabad allows all Caterers under a proper rabbinical authority. The Chabad catering is not always available. Families are responsible for cutlery, cups, drinks, table cloths etc.  Any dairy catering must be certified Chalav Yisrael and breads must be Pas Yisrael. All products and outside vendors must be confirmed by Chabad.


Bar Mitzvah Bar Mitzvah Online Recourses 
Explore the Bar Mitzvah recourse page. 





$100......... Monthly Membership (other options are: $36, $100, $180 $360, $540) 
$45 ........... Per Lesson (Recommended to begin a year in advance)
$400......... Teffilin (Basic pair - other options available)
$1000 .......Hebrew School (additional fees apply $100 members receive discount)
$180 ........ Tree of life plaque(other options are: $36, $100, $180 $360, $540) 
$150 ........ Maintenance (Cleaning before and after celebration)
$100 ......... Deposit (reserve the date)

Catering, Decor, novelties are  the responsibility of the family.