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Chabad at Monterra has proudly been serving the community since 2014, offering a warm and inclusive environment for people of all backgrounds to connect, learn, and grow. As a non-profit organization, Chabad relies 100% on the support of the local community and friends like you. By becoming a member, you have the opportunity to be a part of our unique and one-of-a-kind community, where you can experience the joy of Jewish traditions, engage in meaningful learning, and make lasting connections. Your support enables us to continue providing a wide range of programs and services that benefit individuals and families throughout the year. Join us today and help us continue our mission of spreading light and love in the community.
Honoring and remembering our loved ones holds a special place in our hearts. At Chabad, we understand the importance of commemorating their memory in meaningful ways. Here are the numerous ways you can donate or honor a loved one, ensuring their legacy lives on.