HIGH HOLIDAYS 2022 / 5783

With Chabad At Monterra



Join us for High Holiday services 5783 at the JCC. The prayers are warm, the people are friendly and everyone feels at home.  Hosted by Rabbi Adi and Malky Goodman with services lead by Shawn Levine, this years service will surely be an inspirational and meaningful start to the new year.

Whether your background in Jewish prayer and practice is extensive or limited, the services will leave you feeling enriched, connected, uplifted and energized to start your New Year in the most meaningful way.

Hebrew/English prayer books are used throughout the service. Rabbi Adi provides an English running commentary of explanatory and meaningful insights. 

Ckids HH YouthZone will be  headed by Rabbi Aharon and Elky along with a team of staff members insuring your child will  have a safe, fun and meaningful high holiday experience. 


High Holiday Schedule at the JCC
 Main Services will be in the Orlove auditorium
KidsZone High Holiday programing will be in the classrooms

(Parking passes provided after High Holiday 5783 form is submitted)


Rosh Hashanah 2022/5783 -
Monday 9/26 & Tuesday 9/27

(Daytime services only, evening services TBD)

9:30 am - Services begin
10:00 am  - KidZone Begins 
11:15 am Shofar Followed by Mussaf

5:30 pm - Tashlich at the Monterra Circle (only day 1)
Yom Kippur 2022/5783 -

Tuesday 10/04 & Wednesday 10/05
Evening Services
6:46 pm Fast Begins
7:00 pm - Kol Nidrei

Daytime Services
9:00 am - Morning services begin
10:00 am - KidZone begins
11:00 am Yizkor followed by Mussaf
1:30 pm - Break
5:30 pm - Mincha (Maftir Yona)
6:30 pm  - Neila (Final Prayer)
7:37 pm -Final Shofar Blast/ Fast ends



Chabad At Monterra invites you and your family for a 
Community Rosh Hashanah Dinner at Chabad at Monterra

Monday, September 26. 2022, 8:30 pm

Traditional Gourmet Cuisine  | Celebrate together with the commuity | Interactive and Ispirational




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